Rainbow Bridge

The Mastiffs on this page are our beloved family members who have passed away and are waiting for us just across the rainbow bridge. What a joyful reunion we hope to have with them all some day!

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Our Boys
Bred by Karen Wiggens & Linda Cain
Maddie was our first Mastiff....I can't say enough good things about her. She was my best friend and was so important to our family. She was with us for twelve years. Our sons will never forget her and the impact she had on their lives. She was such a fantastic example of our breed in mind, body and spirit.


CH Meadowfarm's Devine Design Of Monastic, CGC, TDI Systo's Sabra Of Monastic (12 points/Major Pointed)
Bred by Tami Sholes Bred by Shiela & Jeff Systo

A boy with congenital health problems that we adopted who was Sabra's best friend. We all adored Zacha- he was so awesome
Bred by us out of Sabra X Dugan
Bred by us out of Sabra X Dugan
Bred by us out of Sabra X Dugan
Bred by us out of Sabra X Dugan...still loved and missed every day
CH Monastic's Kickin Up Dust
Bred by us out of Sabra X Dugan
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Member & Secretary Of Southern States Mastiff Fanciers www.ssmfmastiff.org

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