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Our puppy families are very important to us because they are carefully selected to be entrusted with these precious animals who are such a labor of love for us!  Sending these Mastiff babies we have raised and love so much to their new homes and out into the big world is always so bittersweet. It also is an important milestone in these puppy's lives and in the lives of ours and their new families.  After SO much love, effort and expense to raise healthy, happy, well adjusted Mastiff puppies- we must ultimately hand them from our laps to yours. And it is their time to become an unforgettable companion for their chosen family. So you should certainly feel honored if we choose to entrust one of these precious kids to your family!

To inquire about our waiting list please read the information below first- then scroll down to submit the puppy form below and be thorough in your responses!

We are always available by text, email or phone if needed for guidance, help or support and we love hearing from our puppy owners and receiving pictures and updates.

It is true that our puppies are in high demand and because we do not breed often our waiting list can be long. But we do want specific types of homes for our kids where they will be treasured as a part of the family living inside the home with them. So do not hesitate to submit a puppy inquiry form if you feel you may be right for one of our special Mastiffs.

We breed infrequently and only the best we have to the best and most compatible Mastiff we can find. This is done at a HUGE commitment of time and money and at great personal sacrifice. Because we care so much about the health of our dogs extensive health testing is done on any Mastiff we consider using for breeding. Some breeders who choose not to do this testing will argue that no amount of health testing on sire and dam can guarantee that no Mastiff we produce can ever someday become ill or have a disease. However I feel that by utilizing all of this health testing we are at least doing what we can do to produce the healthiest Mastiffs possible. 

All companions placed are on AKC limited registration, micro-chipped, and will be spayed or neutered by their new owners by 18 months of age.

While most of this information is addressed on other pages of this website before submitting a puppy inquiry form you must acknowledge that you have read and understand all.  Mastiffs are a very expensive breed to feed and to care for properly. I am a strong advocate of pre-breeding health testing. We test for OFA Hips, Elbows, Patellas, Cardiac, CERF Eyes, PRA, CMR, Cystinuria DNA Marker, and Nitroproprusside testing on male's urine and DNA marker testing for Degenerative Myelopathy.  By doing the newer DNA marker tests on any breeding candidates we can also ensure we are not breeding CMR, Cystinuria or DM carriers to carriers, but only a carrier to a clear or clear to a clear.

 Pre-breeding final OFA health testing is a tool that quality breeders use to produce healthy Mastiffs. But it is certainly no guarantee that a puppy they produce will not eventually get an illness or injury.  All that I can guarantee to my puppy homes is that I did the health testing on sire and dam to rule out what we can that is known to be genetic and to avoid doubling up on carrier statuses for the dna marker tests which we now have access to.

 When a Mastiff falls ill or suffers an injury vet bills are super sized. If you are considering a Mastiff puppy you must be prepared for unexpected vet bills if needed. Even puppies can end up swallowing a foreign body and cause an intestinal blockage and/or infection. They can bloat and torse even in the most controlled of situations. Such huge dogs that are very active can also injure ligaments needing surgery. It is normal and customary for such a surgery to cost 3K to even 10K. While years may go by and you never have a problem with your Mastiff, you never know when that day can come. So in recognition that a huge expense can happen at any point in even a well bred Mastiff's life I strongly encourage that you purchase a quality health insurance for your Mastiff. As a breeder I strongly prefer to place my babies in homes who have had a Mastiff before- and families who purchase pet health insurance for their Mastiffs.

We expect all of our puppies to receive age appropriate socialization, puppy training and obedience classes in the first two years of life, and to be kept with the family to become a part of your family 'pack'. If you do not enjoy the process of training a puppy and if formal classes sounds like too much work to you then you should not consider getting a Mastiff puppy from us. These puppies have been such an important part of our lives and we have done everything possible to help them to develop into the best Mastiff adults they can! When they leave our home the rest is up to you- and the puppy. So please honestly evaluate your schedule and your desire to TRAIN as to whether you will be able to accommodate ongoing training and socialization which I require when one of my puppies goes to a new home.

As always our puppies are raised in the heart of our family home.  Mastiff puppies cannot be kept with the dam unattended because they can be too easily stepped on or laid upon. So having babies for us means two hour feedings around the clock.  Our puppies are kept in a temperature controlled whelping box and are removed from their box to be put on their mother to nurse every two hours around the clock in addition to bottle supplementation as we feel best.

As a breeder who cares very much about what we produce, we only breed Mastiffs who have wonderful temperaments and are excellent ambassadors of our breed in mind and body. However anyone familiar with our breed knows that Mastiffs have the potential to become shy dogs if not given appropriate socialization at the appropriate times. During the short time our babies are with us we work hard to give our puppies every opportunity to develop into confident and happy Mastiffs that will achieve their full potential.

Like many quality breeders we been utilizing early neurologic stimulation exercises with our puppies from three days of age until around sixteen days of age- with the idea that these exercises can  help puppies to have an 'edge' towards developing into confident dogs who are less likely to become easily stressed. Here is a brief explanation of it. I have become aware recently which call the value of these exercises into question. As with all things in life I think the truth lies somewhere in between so I continue to utilize these exercises with each puppy in the hopes that it is paying off in the dog that they will become!

 We have found that puppies exposed in a careful manner to noises early on at low levels, increasing gradually while FEEDING- can help to create dogs who are less likely to panic at loud noises in the future. So in an effort to reduce 'sound sensitivity' in our Mastiffs I play recordings of fireworks, gunfire, vehicle and traffic noise, household appliances, dog show sounds and other animal noises etc...from the first week of life on so that puppies can gradually begin to associate these noises with a pleasant time- (feeding time). It is wise for new owners to continue this habit and build upon it during the puppy's first year of life. Keep in mind that during certain fear periods it is not a good idea to overly stimulate puppies. A bad experience during those times can have the opposite effect- and result in a lifelong fear or concern.

Introducing our puppies to many various surfaces and scents begins also as soon as their eyes open. We do not adhere to a rigid schedule of '100s' which some breeders strive for. But we do offer as many different opportunities to our puppies as we can to experience many 'new' objects, scents, sounds, people, surfaces to our puppies during the short time they are with us. I also begin taking puppies out in our vehicles so that their ride home with their new owners is not their first experience riding in a car.

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